About us

In 2020, we defied the odds that arose as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to secure and establish REFRESH Events & Lounge, a top class event and entertainment centre and the first of its kind in Magboro, Ogun State.

 Look no further – name it and you will find it at REFRESH Events & Lounge, for upcoming events in Magboro and environs. We offer the perfect outdoor venue for a range of events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and sundry parties.

On week days (excluding Sundays), we are your best choice for refreshing hangouts with friends, business associates and family. Our lounge has an array of mouth-watering menus and a relaxing ambience suitable for adults and children to enjoy, have fun and create and re-live memories. 

As we continue to progress through the coming years, we plan to improve our business daily. In our pursuit of excellence, we have established our business to encompass a kitchen facility to help reduce the stress of caterers arriving late. Thus customers have the option of engaging their preferred caterers prepare food on site. Our Daycare (Comfy Turf Creche) is also close by to cater for babies and toddlers while parents unwind and have a great time at events. Our catalogue contains detailed information about our venue, and all the extra value basics we offer at REFRESH Events & Lounge. It’s a very important guide to our centre for everyone seeking the ideal and secure venue for undisturbed entertainment.

Our Philosophy

We have learnt that customers value excellent service and enjoy great food at their events and outings. Simply put, we will provide that exceptional service tailored to meet individual expectations. We are therefore driven by the passion and quest to provide the pioneering approach to the art of hospitality unique to REFRESH Events & Lounge.

Our Environment

With a 1400sqm area, and adequate spacing, our facility has capacity for over 600 persons (banquet sitting) and over 750 persons (theatre sitting), REFRESH Events & Lounge offers a truly versatile and refreshing outdoor event space rental for business and recreational uses.

Sqm (area)
Persons (banquet sitting)
Persons (theatre sitting)